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“Music inspires me when nothing else can. I knew I had to find a way to incorporate music into my everyday life so I started DJ’ing for fun in 2012. I would get home from school and mix for hours. A few years later, I would find myself performing at clubs, lounges, and bars all around the tri-state area. I've learned to create and maintain a happy, energetic environment by reading crowds, mixing music properly, and MC’ing.

Through the years, I have met a lot of important and like-minded individuals. The most important thing that I learned as an up and coming artist was that if I wanted to get the next level in this industry, I would need to produce my own music. Soon enough, I taught myself to produce music through countless YouTube videos, online articles, and even advice from other producers. My productions are not nearly perfect but they sound a lot better than they did at the start and that is what life is all about, growth. It is humbling to say that today my own music and content generates thousands of streams across my social media platforms. I've even had my music supported by artists who I have looked up to for years. It is surreal to try to explain how this feels. I am just so thankful to be able to do what I love. With the proper amount of hard work and dedication, we can really accomplish anything. Chase your dreams and never give up.”



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